Removing Acrylic Paint from Carpets and Rugs

Removing Acrylic Paint from Carpets and Rugs

Removing acrylic paint from carpets and rugs can be a challenging task, especially if you’ve recently done some interior painting. Accidents can happen, and even the most careful painter may find that some paint has dripped onto the carpet or rug

Things You’ll Need:
• Stiff Bristle Brush
• Vacuum Cleaner
• Blade (optional)
• Narrow Scaper
• Hot water/Methylated Spirits
No product can beat a little patience and elbow grease to remove acrylic paint from your carpet.

Resist the urge to wet it, wash it out, treat it, or do anything else to your acrylic paint stain. Adding liquid or scrubbing will make the paint IMPOSSIBLE to remove. Instead, protect the area from traffic until the paint has dried completely.

If the acrylic paint was a quality art paint, or a thick acrylic paint, you may be able to pick dried globs off your carpet without any tools. The better, thicker paint you spilled, the easier it is to pull up.

Use your stiff bristle brush to break and loosen dry, hardened paint. Be careful the brush has only limited contact with the carpet or you may damage carpet fibers.

Step 4 – USE A BLADE
If the stiff brush fails to remove all (or any) of the paint, use a dull blade to break stubborn paint. Scrape gently to remove paint from carpeting. DO NOT USE A BLADE TO REMOVE CARPETING. Acrylic paint dries stiff and hard and will break apart like melted plastic.

Step 5 – VACUUM
Vacuum debris from your carpeting as you scrub or scrape. Monitor the progress you are making. If paint remains on the carpet, continue scrubbing, scraping, and vacuuming.

If the DRIED acrylic paint cannot be removed from your carpet, you MAY be able to use boiled water water or carpet cleaner to remove it. However, you must test the paint (not the carpet) to ensure its reaction to liquids. The desired reaction, given by quality acrylics, is that the dried paint remains solid even when wet. Lower-quality paints will rehydrate, further staining your carpet.

To test your dried paint before attempting to rehydrate an acrylic paint carpet stain, apply some paint to an old rag, but DO NOT RUB INTO THE RAG. Allow the paint to settle on its own. When completely dried, add desired cleaning product and rub it with a cleaning utensil. If the liquid dilutes or spreads the color, do not use cleaning products on your acrylic paint carpet section.

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